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The typical standard of care for type 2 diabetes today is blood sugar management by using medication and by reducing sugar intake as much as possible. However, for most type 2 diabetics, it’s not production of insulin that’s a problem or even sugar for that matter—it’s insulin resistance, a condition where insulin in your body becomes increasingly less effective as time goes on.

The good news is insulin resistance CAN be reversed!

Diabetes Undone explains how and why a person becomes insulin resistant and how to reverse this condition using simple, basic, lifestyle choices. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that you can experience dramatic health improvement, be free of medications, and even reverse the disease itself with a healthy lifestyle.

Understanding the power in your lifestyle is the crucial first step in reversing your type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. You can begin to reverse diabetes, right now, immediately. All without outrageous cost, without drugs, and without surgery.

Welcome to Diabetes Undone.
Welcome to hope and the start of your new health story.

What You Will Learn
  • Make sense of the confusion surrounding diabetes treatment.

  • The diabetes-fitness connection, and how to gear your exercise regimen to fight diabetes.

  • The diabetes-food connection, and how you can optimize your meals to nourish your body instead of damaging it.

  • The diabetes-mind connection, and how your health involves more thanjust what you eat and do.

It’s An 8-Step Journey
To Whole Health

An 8-step video-based course designed to help shift your diabetes paradigm, equip you to reverse diabetes and rewrite your health story.

Step 1: Change Your Paradigm

Set yourself up for success by first understanding the ins and outs of diabetes, and why it’s reversible.

Step 2: Treat the Cause

Dig into the root causes of diabetes, why complications occur, and how you can prevent them with one simple step.

Step 3: Eat to Live

Nutrition – the secret to healing diabetes. Learn how to differentiate between “green,” “yellow,” and “red light foods”.

Step 4: Transform Your Genes

Genetics don’t have to control your destiny. “Turn off” bad genes and start “turning on” the good genes.

Step 5: Build Your Team

It’s the simple things that make a lifetime of difference. This step addresses the significance of water, sleep, and friendship.

Step 6: Choose the Best

Temperance is key in making your lifestyle changes sustainable. Make it all practical by making the right choices and taking the right tests.

Step 7: Dream Big

As you near the end of Diabetes Undone, it’s important to set reasonable goals for yourself. You’ve come this far, it’s time to make it long-term.

Step 8: Feed Your Soul

Finally, learn how to “let go” of the emotional and mental hurdles that have held you back and find true health and freedom.

hours of engaging, expert-led content

plant-based and diabetic-friendly recipes

day challenge to reboot your life

Learn From The Best

Wes Youngberg, DrPH

With over 25 years of clinical experience empowering clients to use integrative therapies to prevent and reverse serious health conditions, he is also the author of Goodbye Diabetes and Hello Healthy. He trained at Loma Linda University, earning a doctor of public health degree in clinical preventative care and a master of public health degree in nutrition. Dr. Youngberg is also a certified nutrition specialist and a founding director and fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Brenda Davis, RD

Best-selling author and internationally acclaimed speaker, Brenda Davis is widely regarded as a pioneer in the plant-based food movement and has worked as a public health nutritionist, clinical nutrition specialist, nutrition consultant, and academic nutrition instructor. She is a featured speaker at nutrition, medical, and health conferences throughout the world. In 2007, she was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame.

What People Are Saying

“I was diagnosed with diabetes 12 years ago and the highlight of this program was how it enveloped my lifestyle and changed my habits.”

Carol Ezeh

Group Workshop Participant

“I reduced my A1C from 9.5% to 5.8%. I reversed my diabetes and no longer have a need for insulin and several other meds!”


Group Workshop Participant

“I reduced my A1C from 13.8% to 5.8% in three months! By the time my A1C reached 5.8%, I had lost 20 pounds but by now I’ve lost over 56 pounds!”


Group Workshop Participant

“I’m a truck driver and I would have lost my job if I had to continue taking insulin, and if my blood sugars remained where they were. But with Diabetes Undone, I reduced my A1C from 12.6% to 6.5% and kept my job with no more need for insulin!”


Diabetes Undone User

“6 months after starting the program, I was declared non-diabetic. I reversed it! It’s been one and a half years and I’m still not diabetic of prediabetic.”

Tom Zapara

Diabetes Undone User

“Diabetes undone was really incredible because one of the things that I found really fascinating was that it wasn’t only about food and nutrition, but it was also about an active lifestyle and the whole person. Whole person care is so important, so I really appreciate how the program focused on nutrition, exercise, but also the mental and emotional aspects of how to conquer diabetes and have an active and healthy lifestyle.”

Kevin Attride

Group Workshop Health Partner

*The results shown are based on active and strict changes to ones diet and physical activity. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.

Trusted And Effective.

“Two of the world’s top nutrition educators, Wes Youngberg, DrPH and Brenda Davis, RD, present a simple-to-understand lifestyle program for type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Undone is a valuable teaching tool for modern professionals who understand ‘less is more’ when the patients’ welfare is the primary concern.”

John McDougall, MD
Internist & Author, Founder, McDougall Program,
Contributor to Forks Over Knives

“Through the years, I’ve referred some of my most perplexing patients to Dr. Youngberg. I’ve read and enthusiastically recommended his groundbreaking book Goodbye Diabetes to countless colleagues and clients. Now, I’m thrilled to see Dr. Youngberg’s expertise available through Diabetes Undone.With excellent video and graphics, it’s almost as good as meeting Dr. Youngberg in person! I’m eager to recommend Diabetes Undone to patients, family, and friends.”

Ernie Medina, DrPH, CHFS
Executive Director, Loma Linda University Center
for Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle, and Disease Prevention

“Diabetes Undone is ‘just what the doctor ordered’ for our community! I’m encouraging everyone I know to get on board with running Diabetes Undone in their community. With 1:2 Americans facing diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020, this program comes as a gift of grace.”.

Dena Guthrie
Vice President, Better Health Resources

Please contact us for more information about the exciting ways these organizations are using Diabetes Undone.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!


Register your workshop with us and get listed on our online directory so people in your community can find and register for your workshop.


Use our easy online system to schedule your session dates, print customized advertising materials, prepare your team with training videos, and much more.


You can either start right away, or you can have an info night where interested folks can get a preview of Diabetes Undone.

What Are You Waiting For?

Choose the option that works best for your group.

Group Edition Online Access

This is for a group that has fast internet access, and wants to run the entire program online.

  • Online workshop access
  • Downloadable facilitator’s Manual
  • Downloadable resources
  • Online preview of participant kit
  • Online support
1-year online access

Complete Group Edition

Designed for a group that wants the freedom of running the program with or without fast internet.

  • Includes everything from Group Edition Online Access plus the followings:
  • Diabetes Undone Group Edition 4-DVD set
  • Facilitator’s manual
  • Diabetes Undone Workbook & Journal
  • From Plant to Plates: Diabetes Edition cookbook
  • 8 Laws of Health DVD
1-year online access
Notice: Read our Terms of Service  before moving forward.
Tips & Tricks
Take advantage of our Pre-Workshop Info/Enrollment Night, which will allow interested people to preview what Diabetes Undone is about, meet you and your team, and sign up for your class. It’ll make for a much more comfortable Session 1.
Cook with your Class
Many participants have said that the food from the cookbook they get with their participant materials is the very best part of the workshop.Nutrition is the most important step in reversing diabetes and cooking with your participants is a great way to make this step practical.
Get a Health Buddy
Pair each participant with a “health buddy”. The reason why it helps to have a team of volunteer facilitators is because you want to be able to provide accountability for each participant. Pairing every participant with a volunteer establishes commitment and helps make the lifestyle changes sustainable.
Engage with your Group
Engage in group discussion after each session. You don’t have to call it a day after the last video ends! Some people may want to stick around to share their challenges or just to talk. Either way, do whatever you can to make this experience as personal and helpful as possible.
What if I’m not the most tech-savvy person? Can I do this without going online?

Sure! You can purchase our Diabetes Undone Box Set for Groups (link) and we’ll mail you everything you need to start a Diabetes Undone workshop. If you ever need additional support from us, we’d be happy to chat with you over the phone. You can reach us during regular business hours at (855) 386-5231.

What if I don’t have a team to help me? Can I do it as a one-man team?
Absolutely, although that means you’d probably want fewer participants so you can still give them individualized help. We have health coaches and physicians using Diabetes Undone for 1-on-1 sessions.
How should I set up my sessions?
The workshop is designed to run over 8 sessions. While you’re free to choose any dates you want for these 8 sessions, most coordinators opt for meeting twice a week over one month, or once a week over two months. Each session is about 1.5 hours long, and that includes discussion time and food sampling.
How many participant kits should I buy?

Buy a few more than you need, because most workshops end up with a few extra people showing up by Sessions 2 or 3. If there’s any extra participant kits after your workshop has ended, you can always reuse them when you decide to run another workshop.

How do I watch or present the videos?
All of our videos will be made available to you once you register your workshop online. You and your team can use these online videos to preview the program, and also to present them in class. However, if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection, you can purchase a DVD with all of the workshop videos. Purchasing details will also be in your online account.
Can participants watch the videos more than once?

Yes, this is a great feature included in Diabetes Undone! Once you set up your online workshop, you will be given a “Workshop URL” that leads people straight to your workshop, as well as an “Enrollment Code”. Your participants can set up their own online account with their Enrollment Code and access the videos for your workshop. This isn’t mandatory, but helpful if they ever miss a session or want to review what they’ve learned. Videos are unlocked to the participants based on your workshop schedule. As each session is completed, all the videos under that session become available to your participants. After the last session, participants will have access to the entire course for a full year.

How long will a coordinator/facilitator have access to the online workshop dashboard?

You have unlimited access before/during the workshop, and one full year of limited access (Edit Session Dates/Edit Location/Marketing Materials/Invite a Facilitator abilities disabled) after your workshop has finished. Every new workshop you start will cost an additional $99.