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Diabetes Undone Group Edition

Foster healthy and lasting change in your community by hosting our scientifically proven diabetes reversal program.

What is Diabetes Undone?

Diabetes Undone is a 9-step program that provides a simple solution to address the root causes of type 2 diabetes and to reverse the disease through lifestyle principles.

The Group Edition gives you everything you need to facilitate the program at your organization.

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Online access to over
40 high-quality videos.
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sample workbook page

High quality, easy-to-follow
participant workbooks and cookbooks.
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Flyers and posters to help you
advertise your workshop.
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Benefits of hosting a workshop

  • Foster new relationships through group settings.
  • Another way to engage with your community.
  • Provide lasting, healthy changes in the lives of your participants.

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How does it work?

Starting a group is simple! Here’s what you need to know.

step 1 - register
Step 1

Register your organization at LHN Groups.

Register your organization at LHN Groups and get listed on our online directory so people in your community can register for your workshop.

step 2 - sessions
Step 2

Setup a workshop.

Creating a Diabetes Undone workshop online allows your organization to be listed on our public directory and allows participants to enroll. You can host as many workshops as you like. Each workshop costs $99 to host plus $49 for each participant kit.

step 3 - kits
Step 3

Add participant kits.

Purchase as many participant kits as you want for your workshop attendees. Many groups host 20 participants, but purchase 25 kits so they have few extra. Your organization pays $49 for each kit, but you can resell them to participants at any price!

step 4 - advertise
Step 4

Advertise your workshop.

Need a poster or flier to advertise your workshop? We've got you covered! After you set up your workshop, you can download ready-to-use marketing materials with all of your workshop info already on it.

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How much does it cost?

Per Workshop
$99 cost applies to each new group workshop you host at your organization
Per Participant Kit
Participant kits contain everything your particpants need to complete the workshop

*Resell the participant kits at any price. Contact us for resselling info.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I set up my sessions?

Diabetes Undone Group Edition is designed to be run as a group course for eight (8) sessions. While you are free to choose any dates you want for your 8 sessions, we recommended hosting sessions twice a week. This allows you to complete the full, 8-session workshop in 4 weeks.

Each session is one (1) hour long and involves a main facilitator/host and other facilitators/health buddies that will help implement the program. Each group session consists of watching videos, going through workbook materials, and engaging in discussion afterwards.

How many participant kits should I buy?

Most groups expect around 20 participant kits, but choose to buy 25 kits just in case a few extra people show up.

How do I watch or present the videos?

All course videos are available online and require high-speed internet access. If you don't have a reliable internet connection, you can purchase a DVD with all of the session videos and/or 5-pack homework DVD for your participants during checkout.

How do participants watch the videos?

Once you set up your workshop online, you will be given an enrollment code. This enrollment code allows participants to access the online content for your workshop. It's not mandatory that your participants register online. They only need the enrollment code if they want to access the online course content.

For more questions, click the chat icon on the bottom right corner, or visit our support page.

Tips for hosting effective workshops.

  • Host a cooking/sampling class.
  • Pair each participant with a “health buddy”.
  • Host your workshop sessions twice a week.
  • Engage in group discussion after each session.